Sunday, 28 February 2010

Time to update

I've been meaning to start using this as more of a wordy blog, although I'll still upload photos from time to time.
Ok, I'll fully admit that I had to be woken up ten minutes ago. I thought my alarm had just gone off which I had set for 10.30am. Oh well. At least in bed I was almost pain free, by the time I had got out of bed, gone downstairs and made a cup of tea my back was back to hurting like normal. Why does the doctor tell me to do something that clearly causes me more pain? I'm sure she has her reasons.
I'm wondering if anyone else has a Sunday morning routine when it comes to the internet. Mine of late is this:
Check my hotmail.
Check facebook.
Check postsecret.
Then I'll head on over to Posy's blog, for which I am a sucker.
Following that I head to Matt and mine's wedding blog in order to check the wedding blogs (the ones I frequent the most are: Snippet & Ink, Classic Bride, Ruffled and Style Me Pretty) They usually all always make me wish I was getting married in the summer...and in the southern states of the USA. They're basically pretty much hard core wedding porn, which I love.
My last call of the routine is livejournal, which used to be way up at the top but now I don't tend to check here as much as my friends list is mostly made up of posts from (fashion) communities, which is kind of sad.
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