Monday, 1 March 2010

This back sprain is really starting to bug me now, I can't even sit on my bed comfortably without being in pain after a while. I missed out on going to town on Saturday with my mum to look at bridal underwear and shoes (a little early perhaps?) which was crap, I need to go to the post office to send Lindsey her shoes and dress and I need to be ok to drive to Crickhowell on Saturday for my hair and make up trial. To top of my back pain, I also have a headache which has slowly been creeping up on me this afternoon. Maybe it's to do with going to bed gone 2am and getting up at 9.30am, I'm not sure.The thing about being off for as long as I have so far (a week come 10am tomorrow) is that it gives me far too much time to think about the wedding and now, of course, the honeymoon. It has not helped that my mum bought me the new edition of Brides magazine which is full of lovely ideas. I even saw a gorgeous dress in there which almost freaked me out, I'm trying not to look at the adverts for dresses in these magazines incase I see something I like more than the dress I'm actually having. It turns out that my parents, who went to Tenby today, have bought a flower vase in a charity shop to possibly use on the tables at the reception (I'm going down the lines of half the tables having candleabras and half having a low flower centre peice) so flowers are now on the agenda. My mum seems to think that I need to sort them out this month, which is actually fine by me.
I can't believe we've booked the honeymoon already, it all happened really quickly which I guess is our thing when you think about how quickly we've moved since last year. We're staying here, I'll be taking SPF 50 or else I'll burn big time. I want to try snorkeling and the dolphin cruise while Matt wants to learn to dive. Just look at the photos, it looks amazing!!
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