Saturday, 17 April 2010

Summer wedding

All this wedding planning makes me want to take some time out and actually be a guest at a wedding. I've not actually been to many weddings in my 24 years on earth, in fact I've been to four, two of which I was bridesmaid in. One was when I was very young and all I remember of it is the dress I had to wear, think peach, satin and puffball. My mum tells me that I loved it at the time and didn't like to take it off, now I see it as a fashion crime. The second wedding I was bridesmaid at was when I was about nine or ten, it was my aunt's wedding. I remember pretty much all of that day, even having to get up really early after sleeping with curlers in my hair and being made to go out to the hairdressers like it. I liked my dress much better then. The other two weddings I've been to were registry office weddings, short and not very personal but they suit some people. I'm going to a civil partnership celebration next month so that's as close to a wedding I'm getting this summer. What I want to do is go to an all singing, all dancing summer wedding. One where after travelling from the church guests mill around on the lawn of some lovely manor house drinking champagne or Pims. There'd be bunting and fairy lights hanging from the trees, one that I could wear a lovely summer dress to.

I wish one of my friends would hurry up and get engaged! Come on guys, it's my turn to be a guest.

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