Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Sometimes... is a bit crap.

Wedding related stress is crap, especially when things feel out of my control.
Work is crap in general. Management are terrible and my job is slowly decreasing my IQ by the day.

There are plenty of things to be positive about though:
Matt moves here in 21 days.
I've applied for a new job (ignoring that it's part time and I'll have to do my current job half the week).
I'm looking forward to events and parties coming up that Matt will finally be able to come with me to. This may be a bit sad but I've waited an age for this.
It's nearly the weekend. Just two days to go.
Matt leaves FL this week, I'm happy for him as I know he's happy.
This Friday I'm going out with the girls, I'm looking forward to girly chat.
On Saturday I'm going on a shopping day with my mum. I get to spend my birthday money and gift cards.

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