Thursday, 8 July 2010

The verdict

My Boohoo order came today, cue much excitement on my part. I've already tried the dresses and the top on and I thought I'd give a brief opinion.

The star top is lovely, really lovely and just what I was looking for. It's floaty and romantic, I wore it out a little while ago (to B&Q of all places on a wedding related mission) with a pair of skinny jeans and ballet pumps. It all went together well.

The hope floral dress is probably going back, which I'm quite sad about. The pattern is great, the length is perfect but what the picture of the dress on the Boohoo website does a good job of hiding is that the split at the front of the dress goes all the way down to your belly button, I may as well have had no top on as I was showing off everything under the dress. Whether this is because you need to have a decent sized bust to wear it I'm not sure but I'm disappointed. I thought about trying to tack the split up to a decent level and see what it looks like but if that fails it's heading back.

The other dress I love! It's floaty and very girly, most certainly a winner.

I've not yet tried the cardigans but I was sad to get an e mail from Boohoo yesterday saying that one of the cardigans (of course the one I wanted the most) was sold out and they were going to refund me. When I put the cardigan in my basket there were between one and six left in stock but someone got there before me. How sad. The hunt shall continue for a beige cardigan.

For my birthday on Monday I received gift cards (Topshop, Waterstones and Debenhams) and some money from various family members. I was told in no uncertain terms that the money was not to go towards anything wedding related but was to go towards ME! I've decided that I'm going to try and wait until the autumn/winter stock comes into the shops and buy some nice new winter clothes. I'm not sure what I'll get in Topshop to be honest, I've looked on their website and there's literally nothing on there I want. I already know the Debenhams card is going towards some Estee Lauder Double Wear (technically for the wedding but shh).

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  1. hmm i am still undecided on boohoo!! to try or not to try?!


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