Sunday, 8 August 2010

Such a good fiancé

For introducing this into my life.

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Why River Island? Why?

Why do River Island feel the need to plaster their name on all of their bags? I really like this bag and the price is very good but I won't buy it purely because of that little gold plaque on the front. Very annoying.

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

If I could raid New Look right now

This is what I'd buy.

I saw the boots in New Look on Saturday but naturally they had every size other than my size 4s. I don't know whether to buy them online. I have no idea what I'd wear them with, with skinny jeans? With a skirt or dress? I've lost my fashion direction.

Maybe I could wear the dress with the boots...?

I'm on a cardigan kick at the moment and really love those two. I need another denim skirt for the sake of having a new one to wear with boots and a warm winter jumper.

I spend a good amount of Saturday searching town for a new bag but failed terribly at finding one. New Look in Cardiff tends to be a bit of a jumble sale at times and there was no way I was going to find a bag there, but I don't like to buy a bag online unless I've felt how it feels.

Monday, 2 August 2010

I want

I'm feeling quite demanding so here's a list of my current wants.

I want...
  • Topshop to be cheaper
  • No dry skin on my nose
  • People to reply to me when I send them a message or email
  • My photographers wife to not be so crap at her job and reply to my e mails
  • To remember where I've put things in my room
  • To have my fiance here
  • To live in lovely home with said soon to be husband, in some sort of Cath Kidston fantasy that said soon to be husband would no doubt hate
  • A new job that I like
  • Direction in life
  • To earn more money
  • Shops to have a proper selection of autumn/winter clothes in stock
  • A kitten or two
  • The Cardiff Blues to move back to the Cardiff Arms Park as the Cardiff City Stadium makes me sad and frown inside
  • To find the motvation to finally alter the dress I bought from Boohoo many weeks ago
  • Hair that will stay in curls

Quite a mix of a list but those are some of the things I want at the moment, some things I'm more likely to get than others. Hair that will stay in curls is out of my reach forever I think.


Sunday, 1 August 2010

Looking forward to being 'normal' at last

In 17 days time Matt will arrive in the UK for good. It will mean an end to the months and months of waiting, it will mean that if one of us feels like a hug or a kiss we don't have to wait months to get one, we can have one the same day. It will mean that instead of me being able to run around in my car whenever I feel like it I'll have to ask Matt if he wants to come or if he wants to go somewhere. Two years ago I would have hated to have done this. Asking someone if it's ok to do something in case they have plans was the main thing I didn't like about relationships, it felt like a part of your independence was being taken away. Now I can't wait to have to ask someone if they have plans on the weekend. There are parts of my life that I can't wait to share with Matt, whether they are mundane things or things that make my life extremely happy, I'm glad I'll have someone to share them with.

I'm very, very excited to take Matt to his first rugby game. It's going to be to the Cardiff Blues vs. Edinburgh in September. We've even got him a Blues Card like the rest of us. Rugby is a massive part of my life and pretty much always has been, I'm Welsh afterall, and I'm looking forward to sharing my excitement and nerves before a big game with him. I don't know what Matt will make of the game, but I'm hoping he'll like it. I will admit though, it's going to be strange not just going with my dad to the games as it usually has been.

Hopefully I'll be able to take Matt to the Museum of Welsh Life, otherwise known as St Fagans Museum. Thankfully he's into history (albeit modern history) otherwise this place would be lost on him. I think it would be better to go when it's not half term and there aren't kids running around the place, but then I can't remember ever going to St Fagans and there not being kids running around. Either way, the opportunity to show him a part of Welsh history is one I can't resist.

Another rugby related thing I'm looking forward to is taking Matt to his first Welsh international. I'm hoping that it'll be against New Zealand this autumn so we'll be able to see the haka. There's nothing quite like Cardiff on an international day, it's bound to be an eye opener for him but I'll be excited about it weeks before the game. I can't wait for him to see the whole of Wales prepare for international games, as rugby is pretty much a religion here in Wales we do tend to go a bit OTT when it comes to our egg chasing. Maybe he'll even get his face painted outside the City Arms, who knows.

The week after Matt arrives in the UK, we're heading to west Wales for August bank holiday with my parents. We've hired an apartment in Saundersfoot and will be staying there for three nights. I've been holidaying down in west Wales since I was in the womb, literally, so I'm very much looking forward to sharing this part of the world with Matt. I'm excited to show him places I visited as a child and tell him stories about the area. Whilst we're there we're planning on heading to St David's city, a beautiful city which is actually a very small village but has the honour of being the UK's smallest city thanks to it's rather wonderful cathedral. I've been to St David's more times than I can remember but it never loses it's charm.

Back in Cardiff I'm looking forward to going for lunch in the New York Deli. They serve some of the best sandwiches/bagels/hoagies ever, in addition to that it's the only place in Cardiff I've ever found Mountain Dew...even if it's £2 a can(!)

I'm not sure we'll manage to get there before the wedding, but when we get back from honeymoon I'm really looking forward to going to the winter wonderland in Cardiff city centre. All of a sudden ice skating looks quite romantic when you know you'll be doing it with your husband.

So there you have it. Just a few highlights of places I'm looking forward to going with Matt, but what I'm really looking forward to doing is sitting on the sofa watching TV or reading the newspaper and just being 'normal'. Normal has never looked so good.

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