Monday, 2 August 2010

I want

I'm feeling quite demanding so here's a list of my current wants.

I want...
  • Topshop to be cheaper
  • No dry skin on my nose
  • People to reply to me when I send them a message or email
  • My photographers wife to not be so crap at her job and reply to my e mails
  • To remember where I've put things in my room
  • To have my fiance here
  • To live in lovely home with said soon to be husband, in some sort of Cath Kidston fantasy that said soon to be husband would no doubt hate
  • A new job that I like
  • Direction in life
  • To earn more money
  • Shops to have a proper selection of autumn/winter clothes in stock
  • A kitten or two
  • The Cardiff Blues to move back to the Cardiff Arms Park as the Cardiff City Stadium makes me sad and frown inside
  • To find the motvation to finally alter the dress I bought from Boohoo many weeks ago
  • Hair that will stay in curls

Quite a mix of a list but those are some of the things I want at the moment, some things I'm more likely to get than others. Hair that will stay in curls is out of my reach forever I think.


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