Sunday, 23 January 2011


I've been wanting to make cupcakes all week but the thought of "But they always turn out a bit rubbish" has stopped me. This morning I went out for lunch with my family and had a hankering for cake so decided to make rocky road cupcakes and whilst they're not picture perfect I don't think they're rubbish. They taste pretty nice actually.

My husband makes a good hand model.

Vanilla sponge
8oz salted butter
8oz caster sugar
8oz self-raising flour
4 medium free range eggs
1 tsp natural vanilla extract

1. Pre heat oven to 175°C and place cases in cupcake tray.

2. Put sugar, the seived flour, butter and vanilla extract into a food processor or bowl if you're going to whisk it yourself (I used an electric whisk). Mix until well mixed.

3. Add eggs one by one. Mix until the mixture has a soft consistency.

4. Spoon mixture into cake cases. This should make about 24 cakes.

5. Bake for 16 minutes or until the tops of the cakes spring back when touched.

Chocolate buttercream frosting
6oz sifted icing sugar
2oz cocoa powder
3 tbsp cold water
4oz soft unsalted butter (I may have put the butter in the oven for a little bit due to being too inpatient to wait for it to soften)

1. Sift cocoa together with the icing sugar.

2. Beat the butter using which ever method you wish (food processor or whisk).

3. Add water and the icing sugar/cocoa to the butter gradually whilst beating.

If the frosting is too thick for your liking just add a small amount of water.

To finish the cakes
1. Put a dollop of frosting on to of the cake and spread over.

2. Build up your toppings - I used mini marshmallows and popcorn but I think nuts and small chunks of chocolate would go just as well. Use extra frosting to keep the toppings stuck to the cake.

3. Melt some chocolate and drizzle over the cakes.

4. Make yourself a cup of tea (or have a husband on hand who will make one for you, thank you husband). Sit infront of TV and put your feet up whilst munching on a cake.


  1. oh god! these look sooo good! TGIs has a similar dessert with chocolate brownie and popcorn but i'm always too full to even consider it! i think i'll be making these! :)

    thank you for including my in your blogroll too xx

  2. I can never manage dessert in TGIs, their main meals are so filling (especially combined with their cocktails).

    No problem, I really like your blog :)


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