Wednesday, 2 February 2011


Grey cardigan - £46.00 Crochet kimono - £70.00
Orange t shirt - £22.00

I've had a bit of a gripe about Topshop for probably more than a year now, when I'm wandering around the city centre browsing in shops I always end up going in there but to be honest now it's become a bit like going to a freak show with me holding up items and looking on at them with a morbid fascination. I've fallen out of love with Topshop. Back in the days when I was a university student I practically lived in Topshop, no doubt helped by the lovely student discount. It wasn't just the discount; however, it was the clothes. I used to love Topshop and I still have a hefty amount of items by them in my wardrobe but I can't remember the last time I bought an item of clothing from them. I was given a Topshop gift card for my birthday last July and it's still sat in my purse waiting to be used, I still trawl the shop in Cardiff (which if you've visited the Cardiff store you'll know just how large it is so it's not as if it's a lack of stock that's preventing me from purchasing their clothes) in the hope that I'll find something worth spending my birthday present on. Alas, the gift card is still burning a hole in my pocket.

This isn't to say I've not seen things I've liked, in particular last summer I saw a long cardigan that I loved, it was pretty and cute but when I looked at the price tag (£38) there was no way I was going to spend that much on a cardigan even with a gift card. Maybe I'm being tight, but I know I'm not the only person out there who is somewhat baffled by Topshop which is a slight comfort but as long as there are girls out there trying to be indie/quirky/unique (which, let’s be fair, if they're shopping at Topshop they're not) then Topshop will stand tall amongst other high street shops.

The clothing above are examples of what confuses me with Topshop. On the one hand the boyfriend cardigan is something I'd really like but at £45 when the only natural fibre in it is 15% angora there's no way I'd pay that much. I'm not sure if there are that many 25 year old women that shop in Marks and Spencer (if there are please let me know so I'm not alone!) but they currently have a long cardigan made with 50% wool and lovely button details for under £40. If I'm going to pay £40+ for knitwear I want it to have more than 15% natural fibre in it.

As for the other two items, well I plain don't like either of them. I do, however, feel that I should tell my grandmother that she should try and sell her crochet cardigans for £70; she'd be doing pretty well for a pensioner on that. I'm not sure what I can say about the orange t shirt to be honest, it looks like something that cheap shops on a Spanish holiday resort would sell but for far less than £22.

I think what I'm trying to say is that Topshop confuses me. I don't understand how women wear some of the items they sell; clearly women who do wear these items have far more confidence than I do as well as more money. I don't understand why Topshop charge so much for clothing that isn't good quality. I don't understand why every young woman wants to look the same as each other, all clones of the Topshop era.

Hopefully by July this year I'll have spent my gift card, but probably not on clothes.


Happy days

There's not much point to this but I feel like having a bit of a moan. Two Fridays ago I registered at a recruitment agency after having a phone call from someone there saying they had seen my CV on another website and would like to put me forward for a job. Last Friday I had an interview for this job, the agency had sent three people for the interview. It was really informal and I left wishing that all interviews were like that and I also really wanted the job. The job was for an office manager/PA for a charity, it was only three months temp with the possibility of it being a long term placement, I'd be massively underpaid (£2,000 pa less than my last job and £3,000 pa less than a job that was offered to me last year) but I wanted the job so badly - it sounded perfect for me.

All this week I've been waiting to hear how it went but the woman at the agency was unable to pin the director of the charity down to get an answer off him but she was able to tell me that it was between me and another person and that he had been very positive about me. Yesterday she promised that today I'd get an answer.

I didn't get the job. It turns out that the director went for an internal candidate instead (who must have been a volunteer as only two people work for the charity), I was baffled and so was the lady at the recruitment agency as neither of us had been told that the director was interviewing an internal candidate. I really wish I had known earlier because then when I was told that it was between me and another person I wouldn't have got my hopes up about it, in fact I would have written it off as I know that in 99% of cases the internal candidate will get a job opening.

Now I'm back to the drawing board, I was determined to have a good day today (which I was up until the phone call) but now I'm well and truly bummed out. Happy days.
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