Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Happy days

There's not much point to this but I feel like having a bit of a moan. Two Fridays ago I registered at a recruitment agency after having a phone call from someone there saying they had seen my CV on another website and would like to put me forward for a job. Last Friday I had an interview for this job, the agency had sent three people for the interview. It was really informal and I left wishing that all interviews were like that and I also really wanted the job. The job was for an office manager/PA for a charity, it was only three months temp with the possibility of it being a long term placement, I'd be massively underpaid (£2,000 pa less than my last job and £3,000 pa less than a job that was offered to me last year) but I wanted the job so badly - it sounded perfect for me.

All this week I've been waiting to hear how it went but the woman at the agency was unable to pin the director of the charity down to get an answer off him but she was able to tell me that it was between me and another person and that he had been very positive about me. Yesterday she promised that today I'd get an answer.

I didn't get the job. It turns out that the director went for an internal candidate instead (who must have been a volunteer as only two people work for the charity), I was baffled and so was the lady at the recruitment agency as neither of us had been told that the director was interviewing an internal candidate. I really wish I had known earlier because then when I was told that it was between me and another person I wouldn't have got my hopes up about it, in fact I would have written it off as I know that in 99% of cases the internal candidate will get a job opening.

Now I'm back to the drawing board, I was determined to have a good day today (which I was up until the phone call) but now I'm well and truly bummed out. Happy days.

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