Saturday, 19 March 2011


Every once in a while I'll have a look around for new blogs to read, lately I've come across the following:

Fat Frocks
French For Cupcake
Anchor of Roses

All of which are great blogs, I especially like Beth's blog, Anchor of Roses. I don't know if it's the South Wales connection or that her blog has quite a bit of variety but I just really like it.

Whilst browsing through my list of blogs I came across my now favourite blog, I've actually just read as far back as August 2009. That's a bit sad really isn't it? My excuse is that I'm having an extremely lazy Saturday (as in, not doing any house work even though there's lots to be done) whilst half watching the rugby. My new favourite blog is Zoella, it's such a great blog. It's the perfect mix when it comes to blog content, reviews, fashion, beauty, general rambling. One of her posts in particular struck a cord with me, her guide to shopping in Primark is great. I'm one of those people that refuse to enter Primark, the one in Cardiff always looks terrible most of the time. There are usually police vans outside (I'm guessing people like to try and shoplift from there) or lots of people waiting outside smoking which means to get in you have to breathe in nasty fumes.

Despite my negativity about Primark I do often feel jealous of what some of the girls in the blog world manage to find in there, thanks to Zoe's post I'm planning on getting up early one morning and braving the store. Obviously this is hugely dependent on me getting a job some time soon (I had a second interview on Thursday but didn't get the job which didn't surprise me or sadden me as I didn't like the guy I would be working for) but I'm going to put my brave face on and try and pick up some bargains.


  1. Hello fellow south Wales dweller! There are some great jobs going in Cardiff uni at the moment, just admin but the pay is pretty good.

  2. Thanks for the tip! I've applied for two jobs there recently, I'm waiting to hear back (they tend to take ages to reply!).


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