Wednesday, 23 March 2011


In the latest edition of Grazia there was a small part on page 120 about “Freckle Factor” that really made me chuckle. Apparently freckles are in next season, more the merrier is the way to go according to the magazine. Grazia are advising people who are yearning after freckles to use a lip pencil to draw them over their nose and on their cheeks. I honestly find this so funny, I’m one of those people who are blessed with natural freckles and I hate them. I would love typical English rose skin without a freckle in sight. I have freckles on my face and even on my arms, I didn’t even realise how noticeable the ones on my arms were until I was looking through my wedding photos and came across this photo.

So many freckles!

After reading Grazia I had a bit of a scout around the internet and there are so many people out there that want freckles! Why do people want them? If you're reading this and you would like freckles please do let me know why so I can understand why people want something that I'd be quite happy to be rid of. I remember being told as a child that they'd go when I grew up, I eagerly awaited the day when they did but obviously that day did not come.

I suppose this just shows that there are two sides to the coin when it comes to things like this.



  1. It's probably like how when you have straight hair you want curly (PLUS freckles are beautiful). x hivennn p.s enter my giveaway?

  2. lol - iv always hated my freckles xxxx


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