Monday, 14 March 2011

Live and learn

I thought I should get around to writing something on here as it's been too long since I last wrote anything, I've logged on a couple of times in the last week and wanted to write something but the truth is that I have nothing going on at the moment and my motivation to actually do anything is low. I suppose I have (boring) news of sorts.

On Tuesday I had an interview with an estate agents to work on the lettings side of things. I didn't have high hopes before I went as the e mails I had been getting from the guy interviewing me was poor, I e mailed him on the morning of the interview to confirm that the interview was still going ahead and all I got back was "confirmed" written just like that. I could say that I have high expectations but I've been taught the rights and wrongs of e mail communication and that was wrong. So off I trotted to my interview, Matt came with me and just wandered around the shops near by. What happened in the next 40 minutes was the worst, most unprofessional interview of my life. I actually cried when I got home and then I called the CAB to report the company. He asked me how old I was which is a no no and then knowing that I was married informed me that my five year plan would be to settle down and have kids, then he asked me if I wanted kids. This is so wrong. Sadly that's not the worst part, when I told him how I met Matt he was stunned so much that he didn't know what to say to me (ok, meeting online is different but it's not that unusual anymore) and then when he found out that Matt is from Kansas he said "Oh, you're not Christians are you?" whilst laughing. So yeah, not great. He actually wanted to give me a second interview but there's no way I'd ever work for a pig like that.

I was meant to have another interview with another company on Friday but that was cancelled due to ill health (theirs, not mine) so now that's happening on Tuesday. I really need this job, Matt and I are meant to be saving up for a house but I've told him that when I get paid for the first time I'm blowing a load of it on nice pretty things for me. I can't wait to be able to shop again.

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