Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Too many forms

Gosh this week has been busy. I've registered with two new recruitment agencies this week bringing my total up to five, that's a lot of forms to fill in I can tell you. As a result of one of the agencies I've been offered three hours of work tomorrow morning which I'm quite nervous about so fingers crossed that I do ok, it's minute taking which I've done before but not since 2009. An hour after that finishes I have a job interview as a result of the agency I registered with on Monday, the role is only for two months but something is better than nothing. I've been revising for this interview as a lot of what the company does goes right over my head, it's a competancy based interview which I hate as I struggle to go over all of my previous jobs thinking of experiences, the question that always gets me is how I've dealt with conflicts in the workplace but I've seriously always got on with the people I've worked with and there has never been friction. I look like a goody goody when I say that but it's true.

Three hours after the job interview I have another three hours of work from an agency I registered with back in January. Six hours work in total and really not much money to show for it but it's something to put on my CV.

Matt and I have been discussing moving elsewhere in the UK as there's really not much for him in Cardiff, he's an IT support tech (which has a bunch of other fancy names but that's the simple terminology) and there seems to be almost nothing around these parts and when something comes up loads of people are applying for the one role and he's not getting a look in. We did ponder moving to London but even with our joint salary we wouldn't be able to live comfortably. How on earth do people afford to pay £800 a month on a tiny flat? In Cardiff that would get you a decent family house. Because of the expense we've ruled London out but are currently looking at Bath/Bristol/Wiltshire (which would be odd as I lived in Swindon for three years when I was younger and swore never to go back). Something has to come along at some point.

On Friday I'm registering with yet another recruitment company, I'm seriously getting bored of writing out all of these forms!

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