Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Good news

As promised I've taken a photo of the swatches of the Topshop makeup I bought on Friday.

Eye crayon in Lazy Days
Lipstick in Show Off
Kohl in Saddle
Of all the things I looked at on the Topshop website the only thing I ended up buying that I had intented to was the kohl, I guess that's the good that comes of trying to keep an open mind. I really like the eye crayon, it's not something I'd wear in the day as it's packed with glitter but it would be great to wear out if you were going easy on the eyes and playing up your lips. The lipstick is a colour that is out of my comfort zone but I'm open to challenging myself so I went with it. It goes on really well but it does dry out my lips within seconds, it needs vaseline or gloss on over the top to stop it feeling uncomfortable. I blotted it when I first wore it and it lasted for hours even with eating and drinking which for £8 is pretty amazing. The kohl goes on smoothly and the colour is good for me as I think black would be too much for my skin tone. All in all I'm really happy with my purchases, I'm not sure I'd buy another of their lipsticks if they're all going to be as drying as this one is but I'd happily buy another of their eye crayons.

After Topshop I trotted off to Superdrug to have a browse of the makeup section, I only came away with one thing but I could have easily bought a lot more. I wish I had taken advantage of the 3 for 2 offer they were running on the L'oreal stand as I saw a lovely lipstick but didn't buy it.

I used it when I got home (I like to play with new make up when I first buy it) and it's great! I wish they did more colour combinations but at the moment there's only one on sale for blue eyes.

On the way home from town I had a phone call telling me that I hadn't been successful for the job interview that I had been to the day before, I'd given an "awesome" interview but I was "too good" for the job. Instead the guy I interviewed with was going to look for a position elsewhere for me as he wanted me on board but in a role where I wouldn't get bored so easily. When I eventually got home Matt gave me the great news that he had been offered a job that he had interviewed for the day before. Such good news!

Yesterday I went for yet another interview not really expecting to hear back about the other possible job from last week. The interview was in a local hospital doing something I've done before so I knew I could do the job. Later in the day I had a call to say that the place last week had managed to find me a position and would I be willing to accept, after explaining that I had been to an interview that day she said she'd call me back. Only minutes after that call I had another one offering me the job following the interview in the morning which I accepted so I finally have a job!! I still have another interview for a university job tomorrow which I'm still going to go to even though right now I don't feel like it but I'm going to push myself to go.

Getting this job offer has led me to browse the internet for work clothes and I've already got my eye on a few things. Ahh, I get to have a big shop soon!


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