Friday, 15 April 2011

Not quite the weekend

Today has been quite a good day, usually days when I have a job interview aren't great because they can be quite stressful and tiring but the one I went to today left me feeling really positive. It's a month by month contract at a local university through a recruitment agency and if I'm honest, before I got there I wasn't feeling all that great about it because of the pay and lack of proper contract (knowing that if it was a perm position I'd be getting £6k more a year for doing it doesn't help) but the people that interviewed me were really nice and seemed really responsive to what I was saying. I also got to use a Mac computer for the first time ever and I was pretty much in love with it.

I have two more interviews next week, one is in a local hospital for a six month contract but the doors it could open for me if I get it are many. On Wednesday I have an interview which has taken me five years to get, I was so happy when I got the e mail offering me the interview yesterday, I felt like I'd just been offered a great job. I first applied to this place when I left university and up until now my applications have never been detailed enough I'm guessing, their application process is tough and it's really hard to get in there so I'm actually not that confident that I'll actually get the job. I have a horrid feeling that the pressure of it will get to me and I'll balls it up, that's five years worth of pressure on my shoulders.

I'm in such a shopping mood at the moment, it's driving me crazy. Months of not being able to just go nuts are getting to me I suppose, I've not really shopped in over a year. When I got engaged in December 2009 I just seemed to stop spending money unless it was wedding related. I'm going to town tomorrow and have a shopping list, I'm not sure that I'll end up with everything on the list so perhaps I should call it a wish list.

Ohh La La lipstick, Topshop
Live Salon Style Hair Colour in Honey Brown
Kohl in Saddle, Topshop
Green cardigan, Dorothy Perkins
263 brush, MAC
L'oreal Colour Appeal Trio eyeshadow for blue eyes
I'm kind of half undecided about the MAC brush, Benefit do a brush like it for less money and whilst I do like Benefit brushes (their foundation brush is fab) I'm not sure whether to spend the money or find something cheaper.

Fingers crossed that I won't talk myself out of buying anything tomorrow, I've got into such a rut of not spending money that when I have to I have to force the card out of my purse.

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  1. Topshop make up is fab and great value so you don't feel too bad buying it :) I bought one in the Brighton Rock shade and I love it!


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