Thursday, 21 April 2011

Staying youthful

I can't be the only one who likes it when things like that happen can I? I seem to have been in a life long habit of noticing numbers like that, I tend to look at a clock when it's 11:11 or 12:12.

Today has been a pretty good day, my 11 year old cousin spent the day with my mum and I which was quite cool. We all went bowling and to an amusement arcade (where my mum beat me at air hockey but the less said about that the better), we also ate at Bella Italia where the service was so so slow despite there only being four tables full in the restaurant.

It was Matt's first day at work too so it was really odd being without him all day as we've been together every day since the end of November but it's healthy to get a break and I'm looking forward to us both being in work soon as it means we can really crack on in saving for a house deposit.

Tomorrow operation Decorate Bedroom shall start with a trip to B&Q to buy all manner of paints, we're going all out and sanding all the woodwork down (ugh, I hate sanding stuff) and then glossing everything before we can really jazz up the room. None of our bedroom furniture matches which annoys the heck out of me but I'm refusing to buy a new set until we have our own place as I don't want to get things that won't fit in our house so for now I'm going with the mismatched is cool and edgy line. Yeah, I don't buy it either but such is life.

I've been online window shopping this evening, mainly for night creams and eye creams but like any woman I can go slightly off track and end up looking at other things.

I think I did damn well to keep my list to four things. I've been thinking about a night cream for the last few days, I'm currently using E54 in the night which is fine but it is greasy on my skin and really isn't meant to be used as a night cream. As I'm almost 26 I thought that it was about time I put a bit more effort into my skin, I'm naturally young looking thanks to my mother's genes and skin that can be oily, but I think everyone should think about their skin when they start to get older. The night cream and the eye cream come to £40 in total and thanks to the 3 for 2 offer Boots are currently running I could get the lipstick (L'oreal Made For Me Naturals in Cashmere) for free. After my online shop I discovered that £40 for the two creams is a bit of a steal, brands like Estee Lauder are selling one bottle of night serum for £50+ and although No 7 recommend using a serum under the cream I'm not sure exactly how useful it is, plus it's another £19.50.

A trip to Boots may be in the pipe line tomorrow so I can go and scope out the No 7 stand for myself to see what they have to offer, I'm quite excited by the prospect in a sad sort of way.

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