Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Taking the plunge

Following on from my last post I've decided that I'm just going to brave it and spend some, if not all, of my gift card on make up from Topshop. My make up collection is really quite small, I use the same products every day and when I'm going out or dressing up all I do is add eye shadow (one colour, I've not yet got my head around multiple colours and fanciness). My make up bag currently contains:

Rimmel Lasting Finish 25 Hour Foundation in 100
Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation in Shell 15
Gosh Touch Up Concealer in 2
Benefit's Erase Paste in 2
Bourjois blusher in Rose d'or
Max Factor Masterpiece Max
A sample sized Clinique High Impact Mascara (thanks Glamour)
No 7 eye shadow in Paradise from a limited collection about three years ago
No 7 eye shadow palette in Twilight (which is terrible by the way)
No 7 single eye shadow in Antique Rose
17 single eye shadow in a metallic green/blue colour, no name as it's rubbed off the label
17 single eye shadow in sliver glitter that I've owned since I was 18 and can't find it in me to chuck out
No 7 sample sized single of Tender eye shadow which No 7 no longer produce sadly
L'oreal single eye shadow in Platinum Beige
Silver glitter eye liner, not sure where it's from
Urban Decay Eye shadow potion primer

I also own one Estee Lauder lipstick that I bought for my wedding. I've discovered that I much, much prefer lipstick to lipgloss.

Writing it all down like that makes it look like I have a fair bit but on a day to day basis all I wear is foundation, concealer, mascara and blusher. I very rarely branch out into something that isn't in my comfort zone. This is where I'm hoping spending my gift card will come into play, after finding out that I do actually enjoy wearing lipstick I've decided that I'm going to stop being a wuss and try out some different colours. I have my eye on these ones from Topshop:

Desert £8.00  Ohh La La £8.00  Coy £7.00
All of them are pinky, although I suppose Desert is more of a nude shade. As someone who is very pale with freckles and blue eyes I'm not entirely sure how much a nude shade will suit me to be honest.

What I really love from Topshop's make up range are their nail colours, I don't think there's a single colour I don't like. The only gripe I have is how much the cost versus a brand like Barry M who give you more for your dollar but such is the way with Topshop.

I think I'll be making a trip to town on Friday as at the moment I have a lovely summer cold and I think town during half term would be the end of me if I went tomorrow and on Thursday I have a job interview so perhaps I'll be rewarding myself for getting that job, who knows.

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