Sunday, 24 April 2011

What a week

1. Me trying out the Topshop lipstick I bought last week. I swear I don't always look that crazed. 2. The street I'll be working on from now on, hello museum! 3. I spent Thursday bowling and generally having fun with my cousin and mum. 4. Matt and I spent the day with my parents in Monmouthshire, there were a lot of bluebells to be found. 5. Symonds Yat. 6. I ended up buying the Protect & Perfect system in Boots on Friday, the creams soak straight into my skin with no greasiness which is a massive win in my book.
Operation Decorate Bedroom went really well yesterday, I even rented out a carpet cleaner so now the carpet is (almost) spotless. One wall needs to be papered and another small area of the room needs to be painted and after that it's all done, it looks so much better already.


  1. Looks like a fab week. Didn't realise you lived so close to me, not sure where you live but Monmouthshire is close to me!
    Symonds Yat is somewhere I really want to go! We went to Big Pit today and it made me realise I need to see more of Wales! x

  2. I'm in Cardiff :)

    Symonds Yat is really lovely, it's a pain to park there when it's busy though!

  3. oooh i want to go bowling x


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