Sunday, 29 May 2011

I'm sitting on the roof of my house, with a shotgun and a six pack of beer

I had a bit of a shopping spree yesterday, not a big one at all but the most I've spent purely on myself in quite some time. I am really bummed that I didn't find any clothes for work which is mainly what I wanted, either there was nothing work appropriate in the shops or everything didn't fit me. To be honest when the city centre is as packed as it was yesterday it's hard to have a proper look around so I'm going to go back in during the week when it's a bit quieter.

1&2. L'Oreal Lash Architech mascara. I went to Boots intending to buy the Telescopic mascara but I was a bit put off by the teeny brush. I'm SO glad I went for the mascara I did, I'm really impressed by it! I'm going to buy the waterproof version in July to wear to a wedding (I already know I'll cry more than at my own).
3&4. I've been using this blusher for years, every time I go to try a different one I come back to it. I'm too afraid to try other blushers mainly due to being afraid of looking like I've been playing with my mums makeup. This colour suits me perfectly.
5. A swatch of the blusher without flash.
6. With flash.
7&8. Two bargain jackets I bought in New Look. I've wanted a short mac for a while and this was down from £34.99 to £16! I tried the striped jacket on a few weeks ago but decided not to buy it because of the cost, yesterday I got it for £13 instead of £39.99. I'm so happy with these two.
9. I didn't actually buy these yesterday, I got them on Thursday on a random trip to M&S with my mum. I wasn't even intending to buy any shoes but they were in the sale so I got them for £15.
10&11. Cardigan from H&M. I'm not 100% that I'll keep it, £24.99 seems a bit steep for H&M especially when there quality can be a bit shoddy.
12, 13&14. Best. Foundation. In. The. World.

Whilst lounging around in my PJs this morning I bought a pair of wedges from the New Look website, there wasn't a single pair in size 4 in either store yesterday so I'm really hoping that I'll like them when they turn up.

I've not done a great deal today, a friend came over earlier to do a trial run on my hair for a wedding I'm going to in July. I'm not great at doing my own hair, the only things I can do with it is wearing it down, in a pony tail and in a bun.

I so wish I had this style for my own wedding but oh well. I had to take it out to go out to the pub earlier and I can't believe how many pins were in it! I have a sneaky feeling that I'll be one of the few people wearing a facinator at the wedding as I don't think women tend to wear them as much anymore which I think is a shame as I really like them, none of my friends wore them at my wedding.

Does anyone have any recommendations for work appropriate clothes?

Tuesday, 24 May 2011


I've never owned a pair of wedges, is that strange? They've been in fashion quite a few times during my almost 26 years on this planet but I've never really bought into them. I've decided that this must change.
Next week I'm going out for dinner/drinks for a friend's birthday, I've decided to wear a dress I bought in NYC a few years ago but it's a dress I've only ever worn with flats. Seeing as this is a bit more of a dressed up affair I want to wear heels and seeing as my mojo has gone I had to ask my mum (!!) what kind of shoes to wear with the dress.

Cue some not so great photos of me in the dress almost two years ago:

Man alive, pasty legs or what?

Dodgy photo of me but it shows the top of the dress.

Leather Pleated Wedge. New Look. £29.99
Pleated Rope Wedge. New Look. £24.99
Pleated Strappy Wedge. New Look. £24.99
High Strappy Wedge. New Look. £24.99
Wilma T-Bar Wedge. Miss Selfridge. £45.00
Leather Bow Wedge. New Look. £39.99
Has anyone seen any other wedges out there that would go with my dress? I'm going to town on Saturday with Matt (hurrah for pay days) where I'll probably head straight for New Look to try on as many of the wedges as I can find.

One last photo that I love because I like how my hair looks in it. I have no idea what to do with my hair at the moment, it's very frustrating.

Look how long it is! And yes, I give plants to my friends on their birthdays.

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Blog Shop

Today I have finally found the motivation to look through virtually all of my clothes to decide on what I want to keep and what I think can find homes elsewhere. I've started a blog shop over at Ruby Red Slippers Blog Sale to try and make a bit of money to put towards the terribly expensive business that is buying a house. At the moment there are a couple of items of clothes but I'll be updating it in the next few days with more clothes, shoes, DVDs and, er...a laminator (speak now if you want an A4 laminator!)

I have to say, trawling through all of my clothes has taught me to never say "But I have nothing to wear!" ever again. Who knew I had so many dresses hidden away?


Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Work wear

I have  finally been given a start date for my new job! I was told I had got the job almost a month ago (a month ago this Friday actually) but because of the bank holidays and then a not so nice ex manager there have been a lot of delays. I have another two full weeks off before I start so I have a bit of time to think about what I'm going to wear.

In two previous jobs I've had quite relaxed rules on what I could wear to work, anything was ok apart from jeans and t shirts with slogans on. In another job I was given a suit to wear so I didn't ever have to think about what to put on in the morning (FYI, I hated wearing a suit). This time around I want to look presentable and lady like so I seem to be heading towards wearing dresses to work which is something I only used to do in the winter when I could wear knitted dresses and boots to work.

Having been online window shopping I've spotted quite a lot of dresses I like, all of the ones I'm posting today are from Tesco and are available online.

All three dresses are £18.00 each

£20.00  £18.00  £18.00
It amazes me that most of the dresses are under £20, I already own a shift dress from Tesco - which I wore to the job interview that got me my new job - and the quality is great. My absolute favourite of all the above dresses is the bottom middle dress, it screams summer at me. At least two of the others I have a feeling are a bit too old for me and if I try them on I may not like them as much, it's kind of how I feel about Phase Eight, it's a shop I love but at 25 I feel too young for their clothes.

I wonder how long I'll last before caving and I start wearing trousers and ballet pumps to work?

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Lord, give me grace and dancing feet

1&2. A few weeks ago I placed an order with our Avon lady, I'd forgotten about it until it turned up this week. I ordered 'Pout' lipstick (which looks nothing like the photo in the magazine but I really like it), a natural tones eye shadow palette and a spray that claims to speed up nail polish drying time, I've yet to try it out. It was amusing that the pallette had some similar colours to the Urban Decay palette I got this week, it's staying power is pretty rubbish though.
3. This pallette is worth the rave reviews it's been getting all over the blogging world, it's been sold out for a while online but the Debenhams in Cardiff had a mountain of them earlier this week.
4. Pout, my new favourite lipstick.
5. Our wedding cake topper, the mini me is a fairly spot on version of what I looked like. This week I've been thinking of doing a cherish the dress shoot, my dress is still under my bed as I can't stand to be parted from it.
6. Matt and I are planning a trip to the USA in autumn, Matt's never been to either city despite being American. I went to NYC back in 2008 and I would really love to go back. We're planning on staying at the hotel I stayed at back when I went, I don't give the name out to many people though as I don't want the whole world knowing about it.
7. On 1 July Matt and I along with my parents are going to watch A Midsummer's Night Dream in Cardiff Castle, my birthday is a couple of days later so we're using it as an early birthday treat meaning there will be a fancy picnic and lots of champagne.
8. My lovely top from Tesco, I've had it for a couple of weeks but I've only been able to wear it this week as I finally got a new pair of skinny jeans (I don't do leggings).
9. Today has revolved around going to PC World to find me a new laptop, my not even three year old Dell has died but in order to save money I'm going to get a netbook instead of a laptop. We stopped into Waitrose on the way home where I treated myself to a cupcake, the photo shows the iced flower that was on top. I can never bring myself to eat that bit.
10. I've just finished chowing down on a lovely lamb balti from Empire, probably one of the best Indian restaurants in Cardiff.

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Today has been a good day

I'd love to say that in the last two or so weeks since I last blogged I'd been super busy which is why I've not written anything on here but that's not really true. I'm still waiting to start work, one of the references is taking an age and I can't sign a contract and have a start date until that comes through, in the mean time I've become a bit of a house wife. My days are pretty much centred around cleaning, doing the laundry and ironing. It's not as terrible as it sounds, honest.

Yesterday I had a welcome break and spent a couple of hours wandering around town with my mum, after almost buying Urban Decay's Naked palette from Sephora over the weekend only to have Matt talk me out of it (I don't think he yet 'gets' make up) we went into Debenhams and I was confronted by a mountain of them. I almost drooled. Almost. This time my mum managed to talk me out of buying one, I am clearly easily talked out of things. After sulking for the rest of the afternoon I told Matt about it when he got home from work and he told me I should have bought it. Why are men so confusing?

Today my mum and I went back into town and said palette is now staring at me out of the corner of my left eye. It's flipping gorgeous, the packaging itself is lovely and the colours are amazing.

Yes, I may have come home with slightly more than the palette but what can I say? I needed everything, or at least that's what I'm telling myself. Actually, the only thing I really do need is the black clutch bag for a wedding I'm going to in July. Plus, who doesn't need Colin Firth in their life?
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