Sunday, 29 May 2011

I'm sitting on the roof of my house, with a shotgun and a six pack of beer

I had a bit of a shopping spree yesterday, not a big one at all but the most I've spent purely on myself in quite some time. I am really bummed that I didn't find any clothes for work which is mainly what I wanted, either there was nothing work appropriate in the shops or everything didn't fit me. To be honest when the city centre is as packed as it was yesterday it's hard to have a proper look around so I'm going to go back in during the week when it's a bit quieter.

1&2. L'Oreal Lash Architech mascara. I went to Boots intending to buy the Telescopic mascara but I was a bit put off by the teeny brush. I'm SO glad I went for the mascara I did, I'm really impressed by it! I'm going to buy the waterproof version in July to wear to a wedding (I already know I'll cry more than at my own).
3&4. I've been using this blusher for years, every time I go to try a different one I come back to it. I'm too afraid to try other blushers mainly due to being afraid of looking like I've been playing with my mums makeup. This colour suits me perfectly.
5. A swatch of the blusher without flash.
6. With flash.
7&8. Two bargain jackets I bought in New Look. I've wanted a short mac for a while and this was down from £34.99 to £16! I tried the striped jacket on a few weeks ago but decided not to buy it because of the cost, yesterday I got it for £13 instead of £39.99. I'm so happy with these two.
9. I didn't actually buy these yesterday, I got them on Thursday on a random trip to M&S with my mum. I wasn't even intending to buy any shoes but they were in the sale so I got them for £15.
10&11. Cardigan from H&M. I'm not 100% that I'll keep it, £24.99 seems a bit steep for H&M especially when there quality can be a bit shoddy.
12, 13&14. Best. Foundation. In. The. World.

Whilst lounging around in my PJs this morning I bought a pair of wedges from the New Look website, there wasn't a single pair in size 4 in either store yesterday so I'm really hoping that I'll like them when they turn up.

I've not done a great deal today, a friend came over earlier to do a trial run on my hair for a wedding I'm going to in July. I'm not great at doing my own hair, the only things I can do with it is wearing it down, in a pony tail and in a bun.

I so wish I had this style for my own wedding but oh well. I had to take it out to go out to the pub earlier and I can't believe how many pins were in it! I have a sneaky feeling that I'll be one of the few people wearing a facinator at the wedding as I don't think women tend to wear them as much anymore which I think is a shame as I really like them, none of my friends wore them at my wedding.

Does anyone have any recommendations for work appropriate clothes?


  1. They are a bit pricey but it might be worth taking a look in Oasis when they have a sale on, they have some lovely dresses in at the moment. Very similar in style to the ones you posted recently. Dorothy Perkins also have some nice blouses.

  2. I love double wear too, such a good foundation!
    Those black shoes are so cute!

  3. the hair looks amazing!
    i wanted to try double wear foundation, but i was a bit worried because of the price of it and incase i didnt like it!
    might go for it now ;)
    i also love bourjois blusher, its a staple!
    Rosie xo

  4. Rosie, ask for a sample pot of the Double Wear. I got one before buying my first jar of it and it lasted me for maybe two weeks or so. At least that way you can make up your mind before splashing out on £25 for a full size :)


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