Tuesday, 24 May 2011


I've never owned a pair of wedges, is that strange? They've been in fashion quite a few times during my almost 26 years on this planet but I've never really bought into them. I've decided that this must change.
Next week I'm going out for dinner/drinks for a friend's birthday, I've decided to wear a dress I bought in NYC a few years ago but it's a dress I've only ever worn with flats. Seeing as this is a bit more of a dressed up affair I want to wear heels and seeing as my mojo has gone I had to ask my mum (!!) what kind of shoes to wear with the dress.

Cue some not so great photos of me in the dress almost two years ago:

Man alive, pasty legs or what?

Dodgy photo of me but it shows the top of the dress.

Leather Pleated Wedge. New Look. £29.99
Pleated Rope Wedge. New Look. £24.99
Pleated Strappy Wedge. New Look. £24.99
High Strappy Wedge. New Look. £24.99
Wilma T-Bar Wedge. Miss Selfridge. £45.00
Leather Bow Wedge. New Look. £39.99
Has anyone seen any other wedges out there that would go with my dress? I'm going to town on Saturday with Matt (hurrah for pay days) where I'll probably head straight for New Look to try on as many of the wedges as I can find.

One last photo that I love because I like how my hair looks in it. I have no idea what to do with my hair at the moment, it's very frustrating.

Look how long it is! And yes, I give plants to my friends on their birthdays.


  1. Can't believe you've never tried wedges before, I love them! I think I had them before heels to 'practice' haha aww, I was well young!

    Love that you give potted plants as pressies, I'm gonna try that! ;)

  2. Love the first pair, New Look have a great selection. Office have some nice grey smart ones I think x

  3. :O I'd love my friends to buy me plants!
    I adore the first two pairs of wedges. x x

  4. Sarah - It's mad isn't it? I went straight to heels, lol.

    Gem - I found a 20% NL voucher yesterday, mega happy. I'm sure I'll bore Matt rigid on Saturday trying all of those wedges on.

    Kate - It's good to know that people appreciate them, they're just regular plants that you can get from B&Q etc which I then plant myself. :)

  5. I don't have a pair of wedges either, don't worry! I never used to be into them but they've seriously grown on me now. I love the 50s-esque ones you can get, especially.

    x Michelle | thefeatherden.net


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