Sunday, 20 November 2011

Remember me?

So it's been quite a while hasn't it?

I've thought about logging on here and writing something since August but I've not known how to follow the post about my grampy, how do you follow that? Well the answer is you write about puppies, or one puppy in my case.

Everyone, meet Teddy.

I don't like small dogs, I call them rat dogs as when people walk them they look like they're walking a rat. I'm now a rat dog walker. A few weeks after my grampy died my nan expressed a desire to get a dog, it had been something she had been thinking about for a while but I don't think my grampy wanted one. I helped her look around for a rescue dog but she wanted a puppy. Last month we drove down to Neath to pick up this little dude. He's a whirlwind and a very naughty puppy at times but he's also adorable. When my nan can no longer look after him he'll come and live with me and Matt.

He was 12 weeks old yesterday and today was only the second time he's been out properly for a walk, Matt and I took him to Tredegar House early this afternoon in the hope that he'd meet other dogs, which he did. He seemed to have a ball even if he was too tired to walk back to the car.

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