Sunday, 14 October 2012


Change is in the air. The season has changed (and oh how I love it), I want to change my hair and in a matter of one week a big change will happen.

Matt and I will finally be living in our own house.

We've saved and sacrificed a lot to make it to this point. We've lived with my parents for nearly two years, we've taken only one holiday this year – a week in a cabin in west Wales, I've not bought nearly as many clothes and 'nice things' as I would have liked to. But it'll be worth it to have our own place where our family will really take a foot hold.

How it looked almost two months ago

Earlier today as I was cleaning our bathroom, it suddenly hit me that it'll probably be the last time I do it. Whilst I was in the shower I realised it was my last Sunday night shower in this house. I feel excited and I feel sad.

I feel sad to be leaving what has been a very happy family home for me, I'm going to miss my parents and brother like freaking crazy. I'm going to miss the comfort I feel of just being at home, I'm a proper home body. I'd rather be at home than anywhere else. I know I'm going to be homesick, I just know. But I know that I have to take the bull by the horns and enjoy what is to come.

Down in the valley is our new town

I'm excited because the prospect of owning my own home makes me feel grown up. At 27 and married I still don't feel grown up, I don't feel like I'm taken seriously by the world. Hopefully owning my own place will change that. I'm looking forward to decorating it and filling it with our clutter. I'm looking forward to owning an American sized fridge-freezer that gives you ice both cubed and crushed, I need that crushed ice!

Matt is excited because he gets to get a kitten. OK, so he's excited not to be living with his in-laws any more and because he gets to get a kitten.

Me, pondering the meaning of life spying on the neighbours. See my hair? Bleh, that's why I need a change.

Change is coming, and it feels good.



  1. I know it feels like forever, but I can't believe it's been two years already. I'm so excited for you guys to go on your own. I don't know how you managed, but it was obviously well worth the wait. Can't wait to see more photos of it once you've moved in!

  2. Congratulations, that's so exciting! xx

  3. how wonderful. Congrats! such exciting times ahead for you! Where is this valley and your new home? I live in the Welsh valleys :) xx


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