Sunday, 6 January 2013

My week

1 We finally got blinds in our bedroom, cue much excitement
2 My new favourite mug (in the shape of a cup)
3 I really, really got into Company of Liars. It resulted in lots of late nights and lots of trying not to fall asleep at my desk. Read it!
4 Struggling to get into Gallows Curse as much
5 I got this baby for Christmas, I've watched so much of it this week it's probably unhealthy
6 Meal planning (tacos turned into steak and ale pie)
7 I did shockingly bad at sticking to my resolutions
8 Picking out which wedding photos to print


  1. Your meal planning board is too cute (and organised)... My meal planning goes soemthing like this, 'Can I be bothered to go to Tesco? Nah, I'll have some toast.' xx

  2. I'm only really planning for three, maybe four nights a week now. The other nights are DIY nights when if we can muster up the energy we'll try and cook something.


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