Saturday, 5 January 2013

Window shopping (it sucks)

Now that Matt and I are living in our own place with a mortgage and scary bills to pay (no one ever warns you just how expensive gas and electricity really are - consider yourself warned) I don't feel like I can splash out like I used to. I find it very difficult to buy things for myself without feeling guilty. I have to weigh up things like a) do I need this? b) what could I buy for the house instead of this? Our list for things we need for the house is pretty large so splashing out £20 on something to take my make up off  (I recently bought Clinique's Take the Day Off Balm) is now what I would consider to be a big purchase for me.

Does this stop me window shopping? Does it heck!

Now back to browsing for dishwashers...



  1. Deep Throat looks good! I use Orgasm and it's my fave <3 Cool to see another Cardiff pal! :D xx

  2. I use Orgasm most days, I love it!

    There are a few of us in and around Cardiff I think, us Welsh bloggers seem quite quiet.

  3. I love that heart dress but it went in the sale and there are only size 8's left :( might cry x


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