Sunday, 10 February 2013

Slow week

Life has been very quiet this week, if not for a few weeks. Matt and I are having a very tiring time in work so all we want to do is get home and collapse on the sofa. Hopefully things will change but for a while yet life is busy in work.

1. Our house building thinks this unit is a 'broom unit', I beg to differ
2. Part of my cookery book collection. American style fridge freezers make the perfect shelf
3. Just over four months 'til Florida!
4. Lovely husband and his lovely surprise
5. Really liking this No 7 microdermabrasion exfoliator
6. I have an ever growing herb and spice collection

This week I'm mostly looking forward to Valentine's day. Matt and I have already agreed not to do anything this year, not that we've ever done much in the past. However, I have bought a small gift for Matt and I'm planning on doing Mexican food for dinner. My plan of action is good food and a cwtch on the sofa in front of a good movie. What are your Valentine's plans? Three course romantic meal? Pamper evening if you're single? Or is it just another Thursday?


  1. I want your cookery book collection! Not doing anything for Valentine's Day, but I'm going to make Neil some heart shaped shortbread as a surprise :) x

  2. Hope you get some rest from your busy week soon and enjoy your valintines day in your new home xx

  3. That is a hell of a lot of herbs & spices!
    I hope you had a good Valentine's day after. x


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