Thursday, 28 March 2013


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Tuesday, 26 March 2013

The day the post (finally) arrived

This is a replication of what I've just written on facebook, I'll come back at some point and write a full post about the trials and tribulations of applying for a visa in the UK but for now:

On the day when Theresa May announces that UKBA is going to be split up to try and end the shambles that is the organisation, Matt received a letter from UKBA (along with our documents such as bank statements, both of our passports and marriage certificate) telling him his indefinite leave to remain application has been approved. I'm over the moon BUT if there is one thing the last couple of years has taught me it's that UKBA is not fit for purpose. 

What would have taken us one hour in person (at a cost of £1,377) took three months (and cost us £991). In the last three years we've probably spent £4000-5000 on visas - which allow us to live together as a 'normal' married couple, but I in particular have found the wait for visas and the almost constant thoughts of UKBA turning Matt's application down unbearable. 

I hope for the sake of all the other people in our situation that Theresa May's actions today signal the beginning of decent change so people aren't put through the mental torture that comes with applying to the UKBA. In the meantime any additional signatures to TNT's petition for reform of UKBA will help.

Thanks to those of you who have put up with me and my almost constant stressing over the last couple of weeks, your friendship and encouragement is really, really appreciated. This process has really shown me who I can depend on when times get tough, you guys are great.

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