Saturday, 6 April 2013

Farm Shopping

Matt and I decided this week to try and buy our meat and vegetables from farm shops as well as butchers and greengrocers. We're trying to cut down on cost (where possible) and get better quality produce.

After putting out a plea for advice on local farm shops I was directed to Moody Sow at Cefn Mably Farm Park and Thornhill Farm Shop. We currently live about a 5-10 minute drive from Thornhill Farm Shop and it's a place we've visited before - they have reindeer people, reindeer. Oh, and cute little lambs bouncing around the fields. As we've been their before we decided to try a new place so off we set this morning through the fields surrounding Rudry and out towards Cefn Mably, it's an area of the world that I love. You'd never know that you're just outside Cardiff, it's wonderful.

On arrival at Moody Cow my first impression was that it was packed! It had only been open for an hour but the car park was bursting with parents taking their kids to the Farm Park. When we actually got into the farm shop it was only us and another couple in there.

The shop was far more contemporary than I was expecting having been in other farm shops in the past, all of the produce was displayed well in what was some what of an Aladdin's cave of food I'd never even thought of trying before. Pop-a-cobs were something I'd never seen before and despite not really being a fan of popcorn they seemed pretty cool, they'd make a great stocking filler for Matt who is more of a popcorn fan. Quai Sud rice pudding in a jar really excited me, I wish I would have bought one to try as the concept is great. They'd make a lovely stocking filler too.

I was slightly disappointed in the selection of fruit and vegetables but I understand seasons and the fact that the lovely British weather hasn't been great for farmers lately. However, they did have the largest red onions I've ever seen and judging by their website they normally have a better selection.

Another thing I had been looking forward to buying was fresh bread but there was no bread at all, despite their website stating that they bake bread seven days a week. Maybe we just went on an off day, and the lack of bread certainly wouldn't put me off going back.

The butchers counter more than made up for the lack of fruit, vegetables and bread. They had a great selection ranging from whole chickens (that looked so much better than the poor things you get at the supermarket), pig hearts, pork ribs, minced beef, home made sausages and a whole lot more.

In the end we came away with minced beef, chicken breasts, sausages, pretzels, Field Fare croissants, pain au chocolat and two Gordon Rhodes sauce mixes all for just over £15.00.

From there we went onto Bedwas where Matt said there was a great butchers who also does carvery sandwiches. Sadly when we got there it turned out that the carvery was only available mid week, I guess it gets too busy for them to do that on the weekend.

I really liked Buckland's, the staff were very friendly and the selection of meats, cooked meats as well as pies, sausage rolls and all manner of lovely looking foods.

Such amazing selection!

We came away with ham (which I've already tried and its insanely good), a sausage roll, steak and ale pie and a Cornish pasty.

Apparently this wasn't enough shopping for us so off we went to Thornhill Farm Shop. The owners of the farm are currently extending the shop and coffee shop but it was still busy. We picked up some Thai marinade, dipping crackers, Field Fare mixed fruit and a loaf of fresh bread.

All in all it's been a great day, we've come home with lots of great produce that I can't wait to use.

I'm looking forward to more visits to farm shops in the future.


  1. I love the name Moody Sow so much.

    I know you're a total meal planner, so if you start your planning based around your haul at the fresh markets, you'll find it won't seem so limiting! You'll love eating all that fresh, local stuff.

    I now wish I'd have taken you to the Portland Farmer's Market. You would have lost your mind. It's several huge park blocks full of every kind of vendor you could think of.

  2. When I first read this I was thinking I really want to go to a farm shop now. Then I realised your from Cardiff to! Which is so rare to come across and nice! I will be stopping by these shops very soon. Following you on blog lovin :)

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