Saturday, 20 April 2013

Fire Island

Last night I visited Fire Island for dinner with Matt and three friends, we were having a mini celebration for Matt who has recently got a new job as well as his visa. It seemed like an American BBQ joint would be an apt place to eat so off we trotted to Westgate Street.

Our table was booked for 7.30 pm but I don't think we got seated until about 7.40 pm due to some confusion on our part as to where we were meant to be seated. When I booked the table I was told that we would be sat in the restaurant area as it was our first visit, however, on arrival we couldn't work out where the restaurant was. We went upstairs to the small cocktail lounge only to be confronted by a large and rowdy (think boys on tour) private party. Off we went back downstairs to the bar to try and find someone to help. In the end the manager (I'm guessing) took us back through the private party - take that snooty party goer who was less than polite to us the first time we went up there - and into an oasis of calm.

The restaurant area is small but looked good, think New York City loft and you'd be pretty spot on with how it looks. Stupidly I didn't take any photos of the room as by that point I was hungry and just wanted to look at the menu.

Earlier in the day I had tweeted that we were visiting Fire Island that night to celebrate Matt's achievements, when we sat down this was waiting for us on the table.

It was a nice touch and something I really appreciated.

Onto the food!

I had thought that I'd go for something small. Ha! What a fool I was. I soon found myself ordering a combo plate of a half rack of ribs and brisket. Three of our party went for the ribs and pulled pork combo and the other went for just the ribs. Soon our table was groaning under the weight of plates of meat. My god, the meat.

Everything looked amazing. A few people ordered sides including mac n cheese, corn relish and onion rings. On trying an onion ring Matt uttered the words I never thought I'd hear him say: "These are better than Sonic!" Score one for Fire Island.

Each combo came with fries, salad and coleslaw. I dived straight into the brisket, which was amazing. Tender and so so tasty, perfect brisket really.

I'm going to be craving the brisket for some time to come. Eventually I tore myself away from the brisket and onto the ribs. The ribs are described by Fire Island as being their speciality, they're smoked and roasted with BBQ sauce on top. The BBQ sauce was fantastic, it was a great mixture of smoky, slightly sweet and full on BBQ. The meat on the ribs was plentiful and tender. Soon our plates were piling up with meatless ribs and we were all beginning to huff and puff thanks to full stomachs.

Despite full stomachs and the risk of falling into a meat induced coma right there in the restaurant a couple of us steeled ourselves and ordered dessert. Unfortunately the pumpkin pie had run out, which was a shame as that's what Matt and I wanted to try but I consoled myself with the chocolate and pecan brownie and I wasn't disappointed. Another score for Fire Island, that place knows how to do a good brownie. Gooey and warm in the middle with a slight crunch on the outside, not too many pecans inside (I normally avoid brownies with nuts in like the plague but I'd been told in advance to try it) and with a dollop of vanilla ice cream on the side. Even with Emma's help I couldn't finish it all and left about two mouth fulls.

One member of our party ordered the ice cream, this was probably the only disappointing aspect of our meal as all they had on offer was strawberry, chocolate and vanilla. Three small scoops of vanilla ice cream cost £4.05. Maybe I'm being stingy but it didn't sit quite right, maybe if there were some exciting flavours on offer it would have gone down well.

Our bill came to just shy of £100, this included five mains, four sides, three desserts, two rounds of cokes for the drivers, one vodka and coke and a glass of wine. Not too shabby.

We left Fire Island happy, in the knowledge that a return visit is definitely in order.



  1. Glad you liked it :) We were there last night when that huge party arrived and they were an annoying, snooty rowdy nightmare!

    1. By the time we finished our meal they had gone thank god. The people I was with dreaded needing to get up to use the loos because it was so difficult to get through them.

  2. The meat! That food looks and sounds amazing, I want a brownie now... xx

    1. It was so good! Looking forward to going back already. x

  3. Wow... I've never even noticed this place before, I'll keep a look out! x

    1. It's right across the road from the south entrance to CAP :)


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