Sunday, 7 April 2013

Top ten wants

Our holiday to Orlando is just over two months away *insert crazy happy dance here* and because of this my thoughts have turned to holiday shopping!

I've recently donated a heck of a lot of my summer clothes to George Thomas Hospice, either because they don't fit me anymore or because they just aren't my style. Because of this I'm really lacking in holiday clothes. The list below could easily be 30 items long, I've tried to restrain myself and keep it to ten.

So far I'm thinking of keeping things basic for Orlando, we're going in June so it's going to be hot. Maxi skirts, dresses and shorts are going to be my staples.

1. Pink flapover crossbody bag. Dorothy Perkins. £45.00
2. Embellished plait bangle. Dorothy Perkins. £10.00
3. Re Gen Cream. Amazon. Ebay. Home Bargains. Price varies. 
4. Racer back oversize vest. New Look. £4.99
5. Maxi skirt. New Look. £16.99
7. Leather sandles. Zara. £39.99
8. High heel shoes. Zara. £29.99
9. Liz Earle hot cloth cleanser. Liz Earle. Price varies. 
10. Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush in peach satin. America! $8.13



  1. Crossbody bags are so useful in Florida when you're walking around the parks, small enough to fit into lockers at Sea World and Universal Studios too :) x

  2. Good to know, thanks :) I didn't realise they had lockers there, I really need to do some research! x


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