Thursday, 30 May 2013

How does your garden grow?

Ours grows pretty darn well, that's for certain.

A major problem in buying a new house before seeing it and seeing how big the plot really is, is not knowing how big the garden is as well as the garden being a patch of sub-standard mud that nothing could possible grow in.

When we moved into our house I was massively disappointed in our garden, it was the least favourite part of our home. I've grown up with big gardens so to move into a place with such a small garden was a bit of a shock, although I feel worse for Matt who is from the middle of no where in Kansas where his parents don't so much have a garden as a field around their house (and more fields for many miles).

Matt, however, was able to picture what our garden would look like. He was very much on the go in the garden soon after we moved in, this has paid off and I'm very grateful to him.

What's this? A photo of me on my blog?!
Those are sweet peas, the roots had gone crazy. Matt grew these from seeds.
The beginnings of a Cheyenne Pepper.

Hopefully this will soon be a strawberry.

These too!

I've planted bulbs all over the garden, I can't remember what exactly I've planted so these will be a surprise when they flower.

Lilly aka Bill!


We threw some old potatoes into the compost bin, they're now growing in there and this is breaking out.

Hosta, hosta, hosta. I love them.

Who doesn't like heart shaped flowers? Lamprocapnos spectabilis/bleeding heart.
Hard at work.

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  1. Looks great! We've just planted a few things, some are growing, some are not. Think I need some anti-slug treatment haha.

    1. If you're having problems with slugs and snails getting into pots it's worth trying some copper tape Works brilliantly and is safer if you have kids or pets in your garden :)


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