Sunday, 9 June 2013

Count down to Orlando

If you follow me on twitter or we happen to be friends on facebook, you may have noticed that I'm a tad excited that our trip to Orlando is finally almost here. In fact, we're jetting off to the land of Disney, Universal, Shamu and the creators of the cronut on Friday. Excited? You bet your freaking ass I am!>

We're joining up with two of our friends who are currently out there for the last week of their honeymoon as well as seven members of Matt's family, two of which are my nephew and niece who I've never met before. Apparently they're looking forward to meeting their Aunt Cheryl, how terrifying.

One of my favourite things about America, if not the favourite thing is the food. Despite countless documentaries about how unhealthy the food is, despite seeing pictures of obese Americans (I've never, ever seen one of those stereotypical fat American on all my trips over there) that are meant to scare you into not eating that last bit of burrito or even that burrito at all - I love the food. Give it to me dirty on a paper plate, give it to me wrapped in just a napkin or give it to me in a basket, just give it to me.

My list of places I want to eat at currently consists of 16 eateries including: Five Guys Burgers & Fries, Border Grill, Earl of Sandwich and Sonic. I've already informed Matt that once we've checked into the hotel we have to go and find a Sonic so I can get my fix of cherry limeade because guys, it's heaven in a cup. I've not had one in a year and a half, it's a sad but true fact.

As well as gorging myself silly on all manner of food for the next two weeks I'm also planning on hitting some malls, mainly so I can check out Sephora. My love of Sephora runs deep, any time I'm in the States I have to go there. I even hunted down the one in Paris but it was filled with French people who, no offence to any French people, are not as friendly as Americans. 

I have a small list of things I want to check out while I'm there, and so this isn't a post entirely made up of words (I know how those pesky things are loathed in the blogging world) here some of them.

Is it telling that my current obsessions are foundation and concealer? Whilst my skin has mostly cleared up I'm left with one...prepare yourself...cyst-like creature on the corner of my chin. It's getting smaller thanks to antibiotics but it's still pretty red and monstrous. I'm finding that my usual tricks of green concealer, Double Wear, light concealer and then Double Wear concealer just isn't doing the job some days. Hence the list of products I want to try from Sephora. I'm worrying slightly that my skin will be mega oily out there as it has been a touch more oily than normal recently thanks to the warm weather we're experiencing so I'm going to take my Clinique moisturiser to keep the oil at bay as the REN moisturier I'm currently isn't doing the trick.

I'm not sure if I'll post again before we go but I'm taking my laptop with me so I can blog while we're there so stay tuned for posts from Orlando!

Where do you like to eat when in the States? Anything you think I should check out in Sephora?

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