Thursday, 20 June 2013

Orlando - Day Five

Ladies and gentlemen, I'm blogging to you from possibly the strangest scenario ever. 

I'm currently sitting on the side of the bathroom sink, my feet are in the sink which currently contains hot water and Epsom salt. My feet are beyond aching. After days of wandering Orlando in flip flops my feet are killing me. After getting 'home' from Epcot tonight we stopped off at CVS to pick up some chocolate covered pretzels Epsom salt to bathe our feet in as according to Matt it'll help.

Told you so.

We had a bit of a rest day today, I didn't wake up 'til gone 10am and we didn't actually leave our hotel room until gone 2pm. Both of us were exhausted from the previous day and we have already reached the conclusion that you can get to the parks later in the day as people with kids are starting to leave so it's a tiny bit quieter and it starts to cool down after 6pm.

This afternoon we visited Epcot, we didn't get there til gone 4.30 pm but apparently that wasn't late enough for us not to have to queue for an hour for the test track ride. It was a good ride though so I almost don't mind such a hideous wait. Almost. 

After that we wandered through the world, although we only reached Japan by the time the fireworks started. Japan was definitely my favourite out of those we visited (we went clockwise for those of you who know Epcot). The gift shop was amazing, we spent nearly $50 in there but I could have spent a whole lot more on one of the tea pot sets. In the end I settled for a pretty bowl, some kids chop sticks as I'm terrible at using them, 'grown up' chop sticks for when I have perfected the skill and a green tea mug/cup. We're thinking of making a reservation for dinner at the Japanese restaurant so we can go back and try out their food seeing as how we're on a Japan kick at the moment.

We left that shop in time to get a decent spot for the fireworks, they were great. After that it was the long walk back to the car, hence why I'm now wearing a knee brace (Matt insisted on getting me one at CVS) and I've bathed my feet in Epsom salt. 

So far I'm really enjoying our trip, it's disgustingly hot, there's a lot of walking involved and you have to deal with a lot of dumb people and their children (for whom personal space means nothing) but it's great. I'm turning into a Disney girl, which I've never been. Kind of gutted that I've still not found a Cinderella phone case though, I'm hoping that I'll find one at Magic Kingdom tomorrow. 

And now, I propose a moment's silence for my feet... 


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