Friday, 28 June 2013

Orlando - Days Nine to Twelve

A round up of the last couple of days.

Day Nine - Lunch and Downtown Disney

On Sunday we met up with one of Matt's old school friends who now lives in Ocala along with her boyfriend. We ate lunch at Red Robin (hello largest salad of my life). Matt and I were then going to go to Downtown Disney but I decided I needed to get changed back at the hotel. When we got to the hotel we decided just to stay there for an hour or so to rest until Matt received a text from his friend to say that they were at Downtown Disney and we should meet up again - makes sense, Matt and Leah hadn't seen each other for around five years so why not hang out more?

We all wandered through DTD, Matt and I shared a wonderful ice cream after having another look around the Disney Store where I found a creepy looking Cinderella music box.

Day Ten - Kennedy Space Centre

After a long drive we arrived at the KSC, it was HOT. The tour was pretty good but the highlight of the centre was definitely the Atlantis exhibition which we got a sneak preview of. 

Day Eleven - Universal Studios

The fact that I didn't take any photos of Universal should go someway to show what I thought of it. I was so unimpressed! Out of the two parks at Universal, Islands of Adventure is far superior. I did, however, like the Mummy ride, it was fun. At the last minute I decided that I'd like to go on the new Transformers ride, unfortunately it had an hour and a half wait and even the single rider line (which I was going to join as Matt doesn't really do that type of ride) was full. 

We left and headed to Winter Park for my first visit to PF Changs. It was ok, and just ok.

Day Twelve - Disney's Hollywood Studios and Epcot

The day started off with lunch at McDonalds, I actually discovered that I prefer the UK version but I love the US portion sizes. Now I can see why Matt finds our MaccyD's a frustrating experience.

Left - UK large/US regular
Right US large/doesn't exisit in the UK

Left - US large/doesn't exist in the UK
Right - US regular/UK large

Those portion sizes probably go some way to explain the extreme, and I mean extreme obesity I've seen while we're been here. 

After eating our lunch off we drove to Hollywood Studios.

Highlights included the Indiana Jones show, the Muppets in 3D and the studio backlot tour.

After that we drove to Epcot (once you've paid for parking in one Disney park you're good for the rest of the day) for another look around.

They didn't sell cups of tea as I thought, instead they sell British food (think Cadbury chocolate and boxes of tea bags)

We ate dinner at the Katsu Grill in the Japan pavilion, it was good and I got to make a prat of myself by using chopsticks whilst trying to eat beef udon.

Epcot has turned into probably my favourite Disney park...maybe.



  1. Epcot is so beautiful! I can never decide between Epcot and the Magic Kingdom as my ultimate favourite x

    1. I'm torn between Epcot, Magic Kingdom and Downtown Disney as being my favourites. I loved all three. x

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    1. Thanks, Nessie. I'll definitely check out your blog :)

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    1. Thanks, Vanessa. I'll check you out on Bloglovin.


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