Saturday, 22 June 2013!

As we're currently holed up in our hotel thanks to a storm outside I thought I'd post some pictures of what I've bought so far. I've surprised myself at the lack of clothes I've bought, instead I've been looking out for things for our house.

Sephora! I managed to spend $113 on this little lot but I quite easily could have spent so much more.

Bit of a winter colour but I can't wait to wear this.

Great timing for a trip to the mall as my eyelash curlers broke this morning

Excited to try this, fingers crossed it lives up to my expectations

I only went into Old Navy for (more) flip flops, I came out with this lot

I pretty much love everything in this store...

...however, I don't understand how I can buy a bowl for $4.00 and then see a skirt for $118, the pricing is weird

A mix of Pottery Barn (I wanted everything) and Bed Bath & Beyond. I know you love those super tacky turkey candle holders - they're for my Thanksgiving table

And they were in the sale!

After two trips to Forever 21 since we've been here these are all I managed to buy

The bowl, chopsticks and tea cup are from the Japan stage at Epcot.
Yet more Old Navy flip flops.
Oven glove and scarf from the Disney store at DTD.
Pumpkin pie spice from Walmart.

Training chopsticks for me to use before I graduate to proper (pretty) ones

One of many bowls I've fallen for on this trip

Measuring spoons and nail colour from the Disney store at DTD

I also bought a Covergirl mascara at Target, I'm planning on going back to buy more. There's also quite a bit at Walmart and Downtown Disney that I want to pick up. We're also going back to Epcot at some point so I'm going to try my very best to not buy everything in the Japan gift shop.


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  1. Great buys :) I hope you're having a great time despite the storms.x


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