Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Pinterest is where...

I unashamedly love Pinterest. It's the place I go when I'm stressed or anxious or when I need inspiration of what to cook for dinner, do to our garden or how to decorate our house. I thought I'd share some of my favourite pins, all of these can be found on my boards.

It's where I go to plan how to decorate my house

This is actually the show room version of our living room
This is the show room version of our bedroom

It's where I go to get inspiration for our garden

It's where I go to keep healthy

It's where I plan my favourite time of year

It's where I find things I'd love

It's where I swoon over food

It's where I remember the places I've been


It's where I help find inspiration for my sister in law's wedding

Are you on pinterest? Leave me your link so I can check out your pins!



  1. Orlando hey! Lucky girl! Have a great time.

    I love pinterest, Spencer hates me going on there as I always want to change so much after nosing on there.

    My link is what is yours? xx

    1. Thanks hun :)

      My link is xx

  2. I am a big Pinterest fan too. Loving all of your interiors pins. The only problem that I have is that the food always makes me feel really hungry.


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