Monday, 22 July 2013

Catching up

Considering we've only been home for three weeks we've been busy...

I've been after a sign like this for over a year. On my birthday I finally treated myself.

Matt took me to The Smokehouse for my birthday. I've wanted to go here for months and months and in the end I was kind of underwhelmed. There was nothing wrong with what we ate (we both went for the brisket) and it was reasonably priced coming in at £40 for two mains, three sides, two cokes and a beer but there was something missing. I still can't put my finger on it. Maybe it's the atmosphere and surroundings, eating BBQ in such a polished place was a bit odd. I much preferred our experience at Fire Island. Amazing onion rings though.

My David Austin rose came out, it was gorgeous! I got so lucky with this rose, I bought it in the sale from Blooms over a year ago and it sat unloved in my parents garden until earlier this year when I decided that I really ought to plant it. The other rose I bought at the same time is currently flowering, it has the smallest and most delicate looking rose flowers I've seen. If I had a larger garden I'd have lots more.

I took a trip to Bath for the day to say goodbye to a friend who is off to Dubai for a couple of years. I can't believe she won't be down the road from me anymore! We sat in the sun and wandered around until we finished off in the Pump Room for tea and scones, it was a wonderful way to say goodbye.

The week after getting back from holiday it was time for the conference that I've helped to organise. Two days at the Millennium Stadium as well as a dinner/dance, this is me and Nat admiring the view before the delegates arrived. It was a wonderful evening, I'm especially thrilled at how the dinner venue looked.

Me on day one of our conference, yes I'm on the (concrete) pitch and so happy about it.

The day after booking onto my first Christmas party of the year I saw these beauties in the sale at Next. I wasn't going to get them but thanks to the brilliant persuasion skills of my mother I snapped them up. So sparkly! So Christmassy! 

Matt has removed two of his vegetable boxes from the garden after pleading from me. It means that we'll have a larger decked area and the cats won't be able to use that area as a giant litter tray (gross). Instead we bought some pots and planted his chilli plants and a lone but rather huge tomato plant in them. I tried to make them a little prettier by adding a few bedding plants here and there.

This summer I'm mostly obsessed by fuchsia plants, I want them everywhere!



  1. You have been busy! That sign is gorgeous.
    Shame the Smokehouse wasn't quite what you expected, it sounds amazing! x

    1. We're set to be busy for a little while to come too, at some point I'm hoping to relax!

      I think I just had such high expectations of The Smokehouse, there was nothing wrong with it and it was lovely. x


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