Saturday, 7 September 2013

St Fagans Food Festival

Today I visited the St Fagans Food Festival along with some friends from work. I'd been looking forward to the festival for a while, Matt and I visited it in 2011 and really enjoyed it. St Fagans National History Museum is located on the outskirts of Cardiff, it's pretty much been a fixture in my life since I was a really young child. My parents would take my brother and I at least once a year, not to mention all of the school trips that took place there.

St Fagans has been open to the public since 1948, the museum is in the grounds of St Fagans Castle, a late 16th century manor house which was donated to the people of Wales by the Earl of Plymouth. Over the years over 40 original buildings from various historical periods have been re-erected in the grounds of the museum, these range from a farm, a school, a chapel and a number of farm houses.

As you wander around the museum there are native breeds of livestock dotted around fields and farmyards.

St Fagans is a really great place to learn how people in Wales have lived over the years, from how they worked to what they did in their spare time.

The St Fagans Food Festival has stalls that show off great Welsh foods and drinks, today I saw food ranging from samosas to chocolate brownies  there's something for everyone. 

As well as the stalls at the festival, you can also buy food at the Gwalia store and pop next door to see what food shopping looked like in the 20s and 30s.

I really want one of those teapots

As well as being able to buy food, there were also a number of craft stalls. My favourite was one selling pretty wicker hearts.

After having a browse around it was time to find something for lunch. Decisions, decisions. But then, in the distance I spotted something wonderful. 


For four of your British pounds there were three varieties of burritos on offer: veggie, chicken or beef chili. I ordered the beef and watched it get made to order.

Next up the other girls went in search of lunch, they landed on the wrap stall.

No, I won't share my burrito with you

We parked ourselves under the dappled shade of a tree and chowed down.

After this it was only natural that we wanted something sweet, and boy did we find just that in the food tent.

So many brownies!

I bought six brownies for £3, I chose honeycomb, oreo, peanut butter, nutella, double chocolate and rocky road.


Honeycomb brownie, amazing
The festival is on again tomorrow from 10 am, if you're in the South Wales area and looking for something to do I'd really recommend popping in.



  1. I always spend far to much in old sweet shops xx

    1. I managed to resist and not buy anything although I was eyeing up the fudge. x

  2. I want one of those teapots as well. And in fact, I just want to go there for the day, looks ace!

    1. St Fagans is great, if you're ever in this neck of the woods definitely visit :)

  3. I love St Fagans. I considering going along today but decided against it as I'm on this diet. After seeing your photos I am so glad I didn't go, no amount of will power could survive all those goodies!
    Love the animal chocolates, so cute! xx

    Leanne - A Slice of My Life

    1. I imagine that it would have been really difficult to go there on a diet, there was food everywhere! x

  4. Aww this looks amazing, I love st fagans

    Please come check out my latest post if you have time :)

    Fragile Bird |




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