Sunday, 5 January 2014

No January blues here

1. Right after I took this photo of a very quiet winter wonderland it absolutely emptied down, I could have walked into a lake to have got the same effect. By the time I got back to my car I was drenched. 2. Three Costa hot chocolates over two days. I was easing myself back into work with treats. 3. One of the three Ollie & Nic bags I purchased in the space of a week. 4. I'm going to try and use a paper diary this year, this was given to me as a Christmas present by a friend and it's doing the job. 5. Tea at the Juno Lounge. 6. Tapas and gossip followed the tea. 7. I had my second sports massage at Tiger Health Spa yesterday, the knots in my shoulders may never go but anything to help them ache less. 8. I ventured out in the horrid weather today to buy more cushions for my bed, it's a girly retreat. 9. I did eight hour pulled pork tonight, leftovers tomorrow! I've roughly worked out that each portion of the whole meal costs about £2.10.

I've already been back at work for two days as has become my tradition, good luck to everyone going back tomorrow. I can highly recommend making things better with a hot chocolate.


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