Sunday, 9 February 2014

Another lazy catch up

I've been a bad blogger lately, it's not for the want of having things to write about either. I'm just...lazy I suppose. This brief catch up will have to suffice for now I'm afraid. 

1. Watching the Cardiff Blues play on a dank and gloomy night. 2. Took a trip to Cardiff Bay with the girls, got asked to be a bridesmaid for my lovely friend, Natalie. Said yes, obviously! 3. I've yet to build up the courage to wear red lipstick so I'm sticking with pinks for now. 4. After going to a ceilidh I was inspired to wear my tartan skirt to work. 5. Rainbow through my office window. 6. The weather in Cardiff has been less than glorious. 7. My new pair of New Look boots, I managed to buy two pairs of boots last week. 8. Two new favourite mascaras. 9. For the first time in years I bought myself exercise clothes, planning on getting my arse into gear. 10. Sneaky shopping trip to Boots, the hair dye came out more red than I was anticipating but I still like it. 11. Tried out the Barker Tea House for the first time, definitely going back. 12. Another first on Friday was Got Beef at The Canadian.


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