Monday, 24 March 2014

Weekly round up

1. Ready to watch Wales get beaten by England at the pub. 2. Rocking one of my new dresses, it's so blue! 3. Taking my camera into work results in Nat and I using our lunch break as a photo shoot. 4. Cardiff's cenotaph. 5. Nat being cultured and what not at the museum.

6. Part of the Dylan Thomas exhibition at the National Museum. 7. For my dad's birthday I took my family to Wagamama for the first time, they're all new fans. 8. I won tickets to watch Wales vs. Scotland so decided to take my dad as a sort of birthday present. 9. The view from our seats, not too bad! 10. Finally got to experience Joe's ice cream, it was really good. 

11. Took delivery of two new Ren cleansers, taking me up to four. 12. Heading off to my second zumba class of the week, I'm addicted. 13. I've signed up to do a 5km run for Race for Life in July so looking for tips on how to get started. 14. Nike is my new found love, nothing else fits as well as their stuff. 15. Nat and me at a friend's 30th birthday party, it was Alice in Wonderland themed so I went as the Mad Hatter. First time I've ever enjoyed being in fancy dress!



  1. You always have such beautiful dresses! Where is the blue one from? I am also addicted to exercise classes... there are worse things we could be addicted to :) x

    1. Thank you!

      The blue dress is from Primark and cost a massive £5 ;) x


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