Thursday, 3 April 2014

My list in detail #5

Own a home with a bay window

I still own a house, although I'm not living there (and nor do I plan to in the future). It's a three story townhouse with three large double bedrooms, it's everything you could want from a home. It also has a bay window in the kitchen, I had plans for that window that won't come to anything now but that's not stopped me dreaming of what I'd do with a bay window if I get one again. I dream of one in the living room where I can sit and read a book in the summer and then put a Christmas tree in it during December. One day I'm going to make that dream come true.

Learn basic floristry skills

I've wanted to learn basic floristry skills for a couple of years, I half want to set up my own business as a florist at some point. I love receiving flowers, so the thought of being able to make people as happy as I am when I get them is appealing. 



  1. My grans house had a bay window - I use to love how much light it use to let in - perfect for cross stitching!

  2. i've always always wanted a bay window they look so cozy xx


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