Wednesday, 9 April 2014

My list in detail #6

Get fit enough to jog 5km

I'm on a bit of a health/fitness kick at the moment and part of that is aiming to get fit to do a 5km muddy run in July with some of the girls from work (you can sponsor us here if you want). I'm also doing zumba at least once a week and until last week I was going to an aerotone class but I've had to give that up, I'm hoping to start going to Group Power and kettlebells soon. In order to start training for the run, Nat and I are going on our first walk/jog this Thursday, wish us luck!

Visit somewhere like Go Ape or Tree Tops

I don't have a special reason for wanting to do this, other than it looks like really good fun. There's a Go Ape about an hour away so a trip is in order soon.



  1. Fitness is addictive :) Do you have a Body Combat class anywhere near you? Amazing class, great for punching/kicking out any stress! Good luck with the training x

    1. I have a council active card, unfortunately Body Combat isn't listed on their a-z of classes. Does it go by a different name? I'm looking for more weight focused classes at the moment that I can do in addition to zumba :) x


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