Sunday, 4 May 2014

Bar 44 Tapas - Review

Yesterday my mum and I made a trip to Cowbridge to visit the Happy Days vintage store. On Friday night I was wracking my mind to think of somewhere we could eat, I wanted somewhere a bit special as a treat for my mum who has been undergoing hospital treatment recently. Almost immediately after tweeting to ask where we could go I realised that Bar 44 would be the perfect place.

Bar 44 has been a fixture in Cowbridge since 2002, they focus on artisan ingredients from Spanish producers as well as from South Wales. They are open all day starting with breakfast and ending with the bar turning into a cocktail lounge. 

They have recently been awarded a number of awards, coming as a runner up in the Observer Food Monthly 2013 and Welsh Front Runner in the Good Food Guide 2014. With that in mind, at just gone midday we found ourselves seated in an already rather busy restaurant. Now, keep in mind that my experience of tapas is limited and in the past I may have even said I didn't like it...Bar 44 has changed my mind.

I ordered us two glasses of cava and olives to start, kicking off the bank holiday weekend in style.

After spending a while pouring over the menu we ended up ordering triple cooked bravas chips (£3.50), which were amazing. Probably some of the best chips I've ever eaten, the bravas sauce that came with it was very good.

Chicken and Serrano ham croquestas (£4.00) were my mum's choice, whilst I'm not the world's biggest fan of croquettes these were really very good, it was good to see decent sized chunks of chicken in them.

The roast woodland pork belly (£4.75) was my choice, although the flavour was nice we both felt that the pork was a little too tough for our liking. However, the crackling that came with it was outstanding.

Lastly, we ordered one of the specials of the day: asparagus a la plancha (£4.75). This was the stand out dish of our meal, it was incredible. I've never eaten duck egg before, never mind a crispy one. The asparagus was cooked perfectly and the accompanying romesco sauce was just wonderful. I could have quite easily eaten another plate of this, it'll be something I'll think of for some time to come.

For a very enjoyable lunch our bill came to a reasonable £31.65. I'll definitely be back to Bar 44, there are a lot more dishes that I want to try. Maybe next time I'll make sure we get a larger table that can hold even more food.



  1. Oh wow this all looks gorgeous and that isn't too bad a price at all. x

    Leanne - A Slice of My Life

    1. For food that fresh and lovely you can't really complain about the price :) x


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