Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Cathays Cemetery

A bit of a strange one today but honestly, Cathays Cemetery is a wonderful place for a walk around, which is what Nat and I did on bank holiday Monday.

Cathays Cemetery is one of Britain's largest cemeteries as well as one of Cardiff's main cemeteries. The cemetery first opened in 1859 with two chapels with another being built later for Roman Catholics.

As well as the Victorian graves, the cemetery also has a Commonwealth War Graves section, established after the First World War when Cardiff's hospitals treated servicemen who had been wounded in action. There are 685 graves of service personnel within the cemetery.

There are a number of well known figures buired at Cathays Cemetery, although I suspect it'll be mainly people from South Wales who recognise their names. In addition to these people, I also have numerous family members from both sides of my family buried there.


Bishop Hedley's tomb

John White's grave



This far end of the cemetery is very overgrown, it was quite sad to see

The grave of Sir William James Thomas
You can find out more information about the cemetery from the Friends of Cathays Cemetery, including details on guided walks around the cemetery.


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