Friday, 2 May 2014

My list in detail #7

Spend the weekend at a country hotel having spa treatments

I'm sure there aren't many women (and men) who would say no to a weekend away at a big country hotel, eating good food, drinking champagne and being pampered. I'm no different. A weekend without my laptop, or my phone, no internet. Just total relaxation. Where do I sign up?

Finish reading Lord of the Rings

How could I not use his picture?
I bought the books when the first film came out, I started the first book and then I got to Tom many words. I had books to read for university, essays to write and lectures to attend so the books got sent back to my parents house never to be picked up again. At the moment I have a huge list of books to get through and unfortunately these three are at the bottom of the pile but I swear, I will get them read one day. Maybe once I've retired...


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