Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Weekly round up

1. Cardiff Blues vs. Scarlets at Judgement Day. We (Cardiff) won! 2. I bought myself a bunch of peonies, love them. 3. Met up with uni friends for lunch at The Heath, this is their new burrito - it's very good. 4. I keep getting called Sharon at Starbucks. 

5. Treated myself to new makeup from Topshop. 6. Little bit in love with the lipstick, it's a gorgeous colour. 7. Finally got to try Munchesters, their lamb wrap was good. 8. I found my Tiffany & Co necklace my parents gave me years ago, once I've got the knot out of the chain I'll be able to wear it again.

9. My first Mission Burrito burrito, so big. 10. Tapas from Bar 44, so so good. 11. Searching out notes in secondhand books, it's a fun hobby. 12. This dude, I love him. I got to spend the afternoon with Benny on Sunday, he belongs to my boss. Expect more photos in the future.


1 comment

  1. Aww, I love Benny! I also love all the food in this post... x


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