Sunday, 15 June 2014


Lately...I've been rubbish at keeping this updated so here's a photo recap of what's been going on.

Launch Event

On 5 June the project I'm working on launched in Cardiff City Hall. It's a lovely building that's worth a visit if you're near the civic centre. It's also where Natalie is getting married next year (I'm bridesmaid!) so it was nice to spend a bit of time there.


I spent the evening helping my dad at the allotment, it's really becoming a place I love. Last week was a really rough week with grown up stuff (which is code for divorce and house related things) and I needed a bit of fresh air and sunshine to perk me up. It did a great job, it's my happy place.


In addition to a new yoga mat (I've become a big fan of yoga) I ordered a Spoonk Mat, I'm still only using it for 10 minutes at a time at the moment but hopefully I'll build up for longer periods. The weather has also meant that there has been lots of time to chill out in the garden, I'm trying to push through the book for book club this month (The Little Coffee Shop of Kabul) despite finding it really awful - at least reading it in the sun helps. Nat and I also had a BBQ last night and got a bit of sunbathing in. Total bliss.


Finally! In their penultimate week at the Lansdowne I finally got back to Hangfire, it was worth the wait.


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  1. I LOVED Hangfire and had the mixed hang fire plate with pulled pork, brisket and wings mmm xx


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