Monday, 16 June 2014

The Discovery

For Father's Day this year I decided to book a table at The Discovery in Lakeside. It's only a five minute drive from my house and is a place I've visited a handful of times over the years, gradually watching it get grubbier and grubbier. The old Discovery really wasn't pleasant, to be brutally honest. The new Discovery, however, is really very pleasant. 

Gone is the drab interior and in has come minimalist greys and light colours. As soon as we walked in it was very apparent how much work had gone into turning the place around, it's completely different to the old look to such an extent that if you had blindfolded me and taken me there I wouldn't have known it was the same place. The people at Knife & Fork Food have done a great job.

Onto the food, whether because it was a Sunday or because it was Father's Day we were limited to a set menu which was fine but it would have been good to have been told this when I booked. In the end it didn't matter, the set menu had plenty of great dishes. We all decided to skip a starter and go straight for the main course.

Two of us ordered the roast rib-eye of beef, which gave the option of either coming pink or well done. Both were ordered pink and pink the beef was. It came with seasonal vegetables and a large Yorkshire pudding. Everything was very tasty, the beef tender and perfectly cooked. 

My mother opted for the baked lemon soul, which she described as "really great". 

My father ordered the fillet of cod, which was another hit. Both fish dishes looked and smelled very fresh and tasty.

Finally, my brother's girlfriend went for the risotto. The portion was huge but again it went down a treat. 

 Next up were the desserts, this proved tricky to order as all of the dishes on the menu sounded great. In the end I went for the Snickers tart which made everyone on the table say "Ooh!" when the waitress brought it to the table. That has to be a good sign, right? The tart was really lovely and the salted caramel ice cream equally as lovely, I especially liked the touch of the peanut brittle on top.

Both my brother and dad ordered the cheese board, it went down well. The only slight niggle my brother had was that the coffee he ordered to come with the cheese came way before the desserts so by the time his cheese board was in front of him the coffee was lukewarm, but that's the only niggle about the whole meal we had.

Lastly, my brother's girlfriend had the sticky toffee pudding which I sampled and can confirm that it was delicious.

I definitely want to go back mid week to try the dishes from the blackboard, I've heard so much about the duck egg starter and plank of pork. In all this was a wonderful father's day dinner, the staff were very friendly both via twitter (which is how I booked the table), over the phone when I called at the last minute to add someone to the table and in person. 

Our bill for food and three pints, two wines and two soft drinks - £105.65


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  1. Oh wow, this all looks so delicious! I do love a cheese board :)

    Beccy ~ Bluebell & Bumpkin


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